Girlfriends with tight ankles, do not miss these exercises at home

For girlfriends with calves or swollen feet and a lot of fat, always worry by spending time fasting and exercising. Of course, there are times when some girlfriends may not feel confident when dressing to go out. But from now on, girlfriends do not need to worry, because today you will know about 3 easy exercises to practice at home. So those simple exercises include:

1. Ankle extension 30 times, 3 times

First you have to sit on the normal floor and then put your arms behind your back, putting pressure on your abdomen to lift both legs up and down. Then move your ankles up and down to support your ankles. For this activity not only helps your ankles, but it also helps your abdominal muscles.

2. Air lift and 30 ankle extension 3 times

First, you need to lie flat on the floor, with both arms straight, then bend your legs and raise your knees, keeping your lower and upper legs about 90 degrees. Then you need to move your ankles up and down to slow down your ankles. For this activity, it also helps your abdominal muscles.

3. 30 floor pointing exercises done 3 times

First you have to sit on the floor and face each other back and forth. Then use your abdomen to hold your legs, then bend and raise your knees. Then you have to keep the bent leg by lifting it up while pressing your ankle. Unlike the above exercises, this activity also helps your abdominal muscles.

After doing the above exercises, you can relax your legs this way. First, maintain the balance of standing, bending your legs forward and backward to the buttocks. You can also use your hands to hold your feet to the buttocks. This will make you feel like you are flexing your muscles.

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