4 habits that help keep your teeth clean without spending even 1 riel

Anyone who does not want to smile to see the beautiful white teeth. So, if you want a smile that is envied, you should diligently do this:

1. Mouth after eating
Especially after drinking coffee, red wine, soda and berries. You should eat this type of food in moderation and discard immediately after eating. You may think that only brushing your teeth can get rid of the plaque, but on the contrary, it can damage the enamel of the teeth.
2. Eat a diet rich in calcium

This is probably something you learned as a child that calcium-rich foods such as fresh milk, cheese, broccoli are all foods that can help prevent teeth from turning yellow due to tooth decay. That enamel layer. Therefore, this type of food should be added to your daily diet.

3. Get raw fruits or vegetables after eating

Because brushing too much is not good for your teeth, you should choose to eat raw fruits and vegetables after eating. This type of food is rich in water, which can help flush out the sugar you eat, as well as help prevent plaque from sticking to the teeth.

4. Brush and floss properly.

Brush your teeth gently in a circular motion for 2 minutes at a time and make sure you do not miss any cracks or crevices that may contain food waste. The use of floss also helps prevent tooth decay. The correct way is to push it into the space between your gums and your teeth.

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