4 ways to prevent the skin from rising before wearing a mask for a long time

During that time you need to wear a mask regularly to protect against dust, toxins, including viruses, but for the skin. Some turned out to be problematic. Due to sweat, dirt and steam can affect the skin, causing acne or rashes. If you have to wear a mask for a long time regularly, you should know the following ways to keep your skin clean and fresh. .

1. Clean your face well

If you wear a mask for at least eight hours a day, the heat on your face will increase. Sweat carries dirt into the skin. Until you get home, take off your mask and you will get more oil. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on cleaning the face well, use the right products to prevent acne. .

2. Use an alternative to washing with foam alone.

Washing the face with foam alone is not enough because it only cleanses the part. Top layer only. Should choose a mud mask or any product that can go deep cleansing to absorb toxins, old cells make the skin. Bright from the inside. You can use 2-3 times a week to get the effect of helping to soften the skin naturally.

3. Moisturizes skin

Because the skin of the face is in contact with the mask for a long time, so you need to provide enough moisture to help the skin. Good health. Choose products that can retain moisture for a long time, can hold oil on the face, balance the skin and avoid problems.

4. Use natural products that can prevent acne

Wearing a mask for a long time and the weather is hot, so the face is oily, the pores absorb bad substances. Let go first. If you can avoid it, you should pause your makeup for a while and turn your attention to applying natural products. Protects against irritating bacteria, does not clog pores better.

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