All mass brands make different products, avoid misuse, should know these important points first

Face is the first beauty that any woman must pay attention to. Mlaoh and when you want a moisturized and fresh skin, many women always wear a mask. However, the mistake of wearing a mask can damage your skin. So you should know some tips to avoid risk.
1. Wash your hands before washing your face.

Before ripping off the mask and covering your face, wash your hands and wash your face. Because dust from the hands and face can cause germs that prevent the mask from absorbing nutrients when applied to the skin. Instead, it absorbs dust mites, causing acne.

2. Do not use the mask again.
Many women mistakenly think that a sheet mask can be used many times, but in fact it can only be used once Only. The reason when you use it for the first time is that we tear it off, which makes it very dusty and airy. So do not use a mask many times because it can damage the skin.
3. Do not leave the mask on overnight or for too long.

Masks are considered a particularly good facial skin care product, but that does not mean it is invalid. No crisis. If you turn it off overnight or for longer than scheduled, your face may deteriorate. In addition, applying the mask for too long will only make the face dry and dangerous because the mask is absorbed. The nutrients from your facial skin are gone.
4. Make sure you wear a mask and wash your face.

All mass brands are made for different uses. Therefore, not all masks have to be washed off after closing. Some masks require you to continue to apply more cream without wiping your face. Already. Therefore, you need to follow the instructions on the package in detail to avoid skin allergies and acne. Happens.
5. Store the mass in the refrigerator.

Many women believe that keeping the mask in the refrigerator may help to keep the mask longer than usual. In fact, the opposite is true because cold temperatures can destroy some of the components in the mass less effectively. Therefore, when buying, you should check the expiration date and use it before the expiration date. The other should keep the mass in a room with a moderate temperature and not in direct sunlight.

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