Before going to bed, if you do these steps, your skin will be smooth and not easy to age.

A younger and more radiant face is what every woman needs. Therefore, facial skin care, whether day or night, is just as important. However, if you follow these 4 steps before going to bed, your skin will be younger and younger. Far older.

1. Wipe your face with toner every time after cleansing.
Even if you wash your face with foam, you are not sure that your skin is 100% clean. Therefore, to increase the confidence that the skin is really clear, girlfriends should wipe their face gently with Toner and cotton wool at all times. After washing your face. It will help balance the skin’s pH better.

2. Steam face to open pores to get rid of dust

Girlfriends must have heard of face steam, right? This method helps to get rid of dirt from the pores that cling to the nose as well as the chin. On the other hand, if you apply regularly three times a week, your skin will be as smooth as a banana. You can pour a bowl of hot water and absorb the steam from the hot water until the face is sweaty, or you can Take a towel soaked in hot water and apply on the face.

3. Moisturize skin before going to bed

For girlfriends who sleep with the air conditioner on every night, it is very easy to dry out the skin. Therefore, before going to bed, you should moisturize your face so that when you wake up, your face will be hydrated and fresh. There are two ways to help. First, you can apply a moisturizing cream to the skin. And if you want your skin to get nutrients and moisture at the same time, you should wear a mask. But do not forget to set the time to apply the mask properly, because if you leave it for a long time or leave it overnight Will absorb moisture from your skin.

4. Apply eye cream every night before going to bed to prevent dark circles around the eyes.

If the face is white and the eyes are as pale as a panda, how bad is it? Most of the people who like to go to bed late at night watching episodes or tired workers. Experiencing all these problems. Dark circles under the eyes, it will make the face look worse, like a sick person. Therefore, before putting your head on the pillow and your girlfriend, do not forget to apply eye cream every night to moisturize and eliminate wrinkles Both black spots.

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