Strange marks on the face that can indicate what disease you are suffering from

The technology is more advanced, the diagnosis is clearer and easier, but you must not forget to monitor the daily symptoms. Its before going to the hospital. She will tell you about the various symptoms that appear on your face:

1. Excessive hair growth

Excessive hair growth is also a problem for every woman. Some people think that hair growth is a natural problem. Most people experience. But excessive hair growth can also be a cause of the disease, with hair growth on the face and other areas. Which looks black and large as a sign of Hirsutism. And this condition may be due to heredity and relationship with testosterone.

2. Pale skin

Discoloration of the skin is not a normal problem, you need to pay close attention. Skin refers to the release of internal hormones, not due to sun exposure. Especially when you change the color of the skin in one place or change by not all places. Anemia can cause. From poorly functioning blood, low oxygen levels in the body or a decrease in red blood cells. In addition, this problem can also come from the external environment is less sun heat, inflammation or low blood pressure.

3. Cracked mouth

Everyone experiences this problem due to dehydration. However, this problem can not be ignored because it may not Due to dehydration, but from the Herpes Virus. This virus is caused by too much sun and it Causes skin cancer.

4. Freckles

Moles are a sign of normal development of the human body, but when they occur too much, you also Observe whether the mole is hairy or noticeably colored or larger than 6 If so, you should see a doctor.

5. Wounds

Wounds that are also healthy are a cause for concern, especially sores near the mouth and nostrils. It can be caused by the herpes virus type 1. That symptom may disappear and recur frequently due to health, stress and sun exposure. Strong.
6. Dry skin

Dry skin can be eliminated by using natural formulas and beauty products. Like other symptoms, dry skin requires Pay attention to eating and skin care. If you try all the methods and still do not go away. That should consult a specialist.

7. Itchy ears
There are many reasons why your ears itch, such as a lot of earwax or from an allergy. And severe inflammation. If it is severe, it could be a symptom of psoriasis that needs immediate treatment.

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