10 Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Breakfast Recipes

despite what you may have heard

eating breakfast isn’t necessary for

everyone in fact

skipping breakfast may be better than

eating unhealthy breakfast foods

however a nutritious well-balanced

breakfast can give you energy and

prevent you from eating too much during

the rest of the day

in this video i will show you 10 best

foods you can eat in the morning

number one oats oats are one of the best

foods we can eat for a number of reasons

as a 100 whole grain they’re filled with


plant-based protein b vitamins and


including iron calcium and magnesium

they’ve been linked to reduced risk of

heart disease

thanks to a type of fiber called

beta-glucan that has been shown to

improve cholesterol levels

number two eggs full of vitamins a

d and b-12 eggs are an inexpensive and

nutrient-dense ingredient

two large eggs contain more than 50 of

the choline you need each day

which affects memory mood and muscle


just one egg has about eight grams of

protein as well

nearly everything in our bodies requires

protein such as our skin

blood and bones number three

seeds sesame

chia sunflower

pumpkin flax the list of great for you

seeds goes on

add them to cereal smoothies puddings

and even baked goods

just one ounce can contain 10 grams of


the zinc magnesium iron and calcium

in seeds will help you stay healthy and

boost immunity


number four greek yogurt

unsweetened plain greek yogurt and skir

both provide probiotic benefits

choose ones that have five strains or

more of bacterial cultures per six

ounce serving it’s also a great choice

if you’re aiming for lower sugar

breakfasts but still like a sweet flavor

in the morning just add fruit

number 5. bananas

bananas help you fill up and come in

their own portable packaging

the folate and vitamin b6 and bananas

aid in the production of serotonin

which can help improve mood and reduce

anxiety the soluble fiber will also help

lower cholesterol by removing it from

your gi tract

and preventing it from moving into your


number six black tea or coffee

there’s a slew of studies that link the

antioxidants and caffeine found in

unsweetened tea and coffee to health


including decreased risk of chronic

disease and weight management

black coffee or tea is always a zero

calorie choice

drink 16 ounces of water or unsweetened

tea or coffee before you head out the

door in the morning

this will help you get a head start on

your hydration goals for the day

and ensure you’re making up for

overnight losses

number 7. whole grain toast

whole grains provide antioxidant

benefits protecting your tissues from


inflammation causing damage plus they’re

loaded with minerals

like calcium potassium magnesium zinc

and iron key to your overall immunity

and heart health

the b vitamins found in whole grains

also help your body convert food into


number eight avocados


these fruits have a unique mix of

heart-healthy fats water and dietary


that combo enhances feelings of fullness

making you less likely to overeat

throughout the rest of the day

a winning breakfast combo avocado toast

which packs b vitamins and minerals from

both avocado and whole grains

number nine nuts and nut butter

contains 8 grams of protein per 2 tbsp


plus heart healthy unsaturated fats tree

nuts and peanuts in general have been

linked to reduced risk of chronic

disease and weight loss or maintenance

look for nut butters made from only nuts

and salt with less than 140 milligrams

of sodium per serving

though brands that use oil as a

stabilizer are okay

too number 10.

sweet potatoes just one medium-sized

sweet potato provides almost 400

of your daily vitamin a its orange flesh

is rich in beta-carotene

which is crucial for immunity a single

sweet potato also contains 15

of our daily recommended fiber intake

which can lower ldl cholesterol levels

and boost your gi health

whether or not you eat breakfast is a

personal choice

despite what you may have been told as a

child skipping breakfast does not

necessarily have negative effects

as long as you eat a balanced diet

throughout your day

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