12 LIONS attack LEOPARD!

12 LIONS attack LEOPARD!
The sub adults from the Kambula pride catch and kill a male leopard.

The way the leopard defends himself against lions is incredible: the back on the ground to protect his spine, those front claws wide open to grab and hurt whoever wants to do a front attack.

But all those lions surrounding him were way too many: impossible not being subjected to injuries and getting tired quickly. Then that final bite closed the fight.
A powerful and unique sighting. It’s tough to watch. You are lucky if you can witness such a moment in person. Great respect for the leopard and his will to survive, they are strong enough to last that long against 12 lions.

Wow, that was harder to watch than expected. Have to admire his strength, went out an absolute fighter despite his size. Big cat society and its dynamics are so vastly complex.

You know in the back of your mind that things like this do happen or are possible, but seeing it unfold for yourself really humbles the mind as to how genuinely and viciously hostile life can be for not just leopards, but the Panthera genus in general.

I see no villains in this situation, just big cats doing what they’ve been instinctually ingrained to do millions of years ago, long before we walked the earth. Incredible capture team, I can imagine it wouldn’t have been easy to remain steady and focused.

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