Extraordinary footage of a bull shark trying his luck with a pod of hippos (video)

Here is a new type of sighting for us! Our first video highlighting any shark action.
This is the moment a pod of hippos are confronted by an inquisitive bull shark in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.
Stacey Farrell, from Heritage Tours and Safaris, filmed this interaction and told the story:
“While we were on a hippo and crocodile safari, we spotted a small bull shark swimming close to a pod of hippos. We stopped the boat along the bank, so we could watch hippos return to the water”
“Since hippos defecate in the water, this draws a lot of fish. If there are a lot of fish, it grabs the attention of the nearby sharks looking for a quick meal.”

Video: 1 Bull Shark Swim-Off Against 10+ Hippos

“This water isn’t very clear, causing visibility to be very low. This made the shark a bit disorientated and it started swimming right into the hippos. This caused the hippos to get angry and start charging the shark. Luckily for the shark, it was much faster than the hippos and managed to swim away without serious damage.

Source: latestsightings.com

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