Kangaroo Boxing FightKangaroo Boxing Fight

Most kangaroos can jump higher than a house. This is mostly due to their very powerful legs, and the fact that houses can’t jump, Kangaroos are basically a hybrid between a rabbit a body builder and Jackie Chan.
Someone should make a movie about a kangaroo starting out as a kid and as he gets older he’s climbs into the ranking to be the best kangaroo fighter ever, Can I just say they look creepy. When they stand all the way up, they look like weird hybrid humans.

After seeing this I suddenly have a lot of respect for the man who punched that kangeroo, who would’ve thought quarantine had me going so crazy i’d be up at 3:00 am watching kangaroos boxing
A mix between a rabbit, a deer, and a dinosaur, with muscles like a bodybuilder and full-contact martial arts. Interesting, When you realize a kangaroo has more muscles and is 2x taller than you.
It’s really amusing how both of them give up their vision to protect their face. Makes the guy punching the kangaroo in the face and leaving it shook much clearer. Their faces are their no-no zones.

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