Lions is King But Fail! Mother Bear Save Her Baby From Puma Hunting

Reading about this in the newspaper a few years back, all happened outside Little Rock, Arkansas . Disney is planning on making a movie about this close call and other adventures BooBoo experienced throughout his life.

Never saw the movie bear as people below mention, but the mountain lion is not king of beasts. Bears are solid heavy duty dangerous animals, especially momma around her young. It takes .357 to slow them down. Mt lions are delicate built for long distance trotting, and bursts of speed.
That’s why most human female mama’s say they will defend their children like a MAMA BEAR, cause she will fight to the death for her cubs. That mountain lion was fighting like a little girl, but mama bear was bringing it.
Too many of these videos recommended to me are made up of multiple unrelated videos stitched together to look more dramatic, but it doesn’t even require a trained eye to see that they are forged together.

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