47 Birds Charging Mercilessly At Their Opponents With Reckless Abandon

Birds of prey are fascinating to watch. Have you ever seen a peregrine falcon attack its prey in mid-air? Do you think a sandhill crane can challenge a bald eagle? If you want to see birds as you’ve never seen them, you’re at the right place, so let’s get started.

A man noticed when a goshawk caught a little egret, but he had to record the incident from outside the wire netting, so he couldn’t shoot it the way he really wanted to. It’s also a pity that the little egret was attacked by a crow that flew far away while catching it. A goshawk stands on its victim, a small egret, and slowly but surely plucks its feathers out, as it begins to eat the bird alive. The egret is immobilized by the goshawk’s talons that are tightly gripped on the victim.

In a beautiful place in Spain, onlookers can still observe the innumerable confrontations that have taken place for tens of thousands of years between various species. In these images, a brave fox faces a huge black vulture with different fighting strategies. In the end, as is almost always the case, the issue is settled after the skirmishes. A griffon vulture joins in the defense of scavengers, indicating that sometimes different species join in the common defense of food and territory.

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