Unbelievable Even Eagles Are Afraid of This De.adly Bird

Unbelievable Even Eagles Are Afraid of This De.adly Bird
Birds can be friendly and adorable even environmentally helpful, but also dangerous and deadly. There are various species of birds in the world of which most are friendly and affectionate though. There are also species that exist which include vicious creepy and terrifying Birds. The list of the birds ahead is feisty enough to thrill and scare you. Here are the top most dangerous Birds on Earth.
Don’t ever want to mess with the cassowary. Although these are flightless and Schieber, it’s they are dangerous. Cassowaries are considered to be the deadliest bird around the globe. They can measure up to six feet high and way up to 160 pounds.
They are not aggressive and do not attack easily though, when it feels threatened, can cause injuries severe damage to internal organs, and even death.
The recent death of a man in Florida. Back in 2021 has taken place due to a cassowary attack. They reside in the forests of New Guinea and Northeastern Australia. Cassowaries can run as fast as 31mph.
Found throughout the jungles of New Guinea, the pitohuis are the only known birds to carry a toxin. There are three different species of pitohui, the most poisonous of which is the hooded pitohui (Pitohui dichrous). The skin and feathers of this rather unassuming looking, brightly colored bird contain the powerful neurotoxic agent batrachotoxin – the same poison found on the skin of poison dart frogs. This is one of the most deadly toxins found anywhere in nature.

Lots of places have magpies; there are Eurasian magpies, American magpies and there are Australian magpies. Of course, coming from Australia means these magpies can potentially cause you serious harm!
To the outside world it probably seems a little odd that come springtime Australia’s suburbs are filled with dread, not because of spiders or snakes, but magpies. Across Australia between August and September these monochrome menaces are known to dive bomb passing pedestrians, runners and cyclist with unbridled fury.
What is weird about these birds is they can be very selective. Some only attack pedestrians, others just cyclists and some will even only attack certain people.

Harpy Eagle

The South American harpy eagle is probably the most dangerous bird never to have killed a human (at least as far as I could find out). This species is one of the largest of all the eagles, just behind the Steller’s sea eagle for sheer size. But where the harpy eagle may lack a couple of inches it more than makes up for in power.
A fully grown harpy eagle may weigh up to 20lbs (9kg) and have a wingspan of over 6.5ft (2m). Travelling at speeds of up to 50mph (70kmh) this bird is going to cause some serious damage when it slams into its prey. However, it is the harpy eagle’s talons that are its main killing implement. With claws like meat hooks measuring up to 5 inches (13cm) long and a grip strong enough to crush bones these can effectively instantly kill the unfortunate prey.
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